Improve communication and understanding to unlock teamwork

We offer simple and effective solutions for transforming the way teams work, by resolving communication and productivity problems within and between teams.

Kick-start connection with our GET CONNECTED workshop

  • Are you looking to improve communication between team members and between teams?
  • Would you like to encourage team members to develop good habits so they can support their own health and wellbeing?
  • Do you need to create a more positive and productive culture, in order to meet your business objectives?

During this highly interactive and innovative workshop, team members will be encouraged to reflect on their own life and to share the resulting insights with the group. We carefully craft the content and the environment to enable this to happen in an un-intrusive way. As a result of this session, team members will see each other in a new light, they will have a better understanding of each other and will begin to form deeper connection, the basis of improved trust. Leaders should attend these sessions with the team. Individuals will experience a renewed motivation for achieving goals in their personal lives, the basis for increased engagement at work.

Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending on content
Location:  At your office or off-site location, indoors or outdoors

Find clarity with our GET STARTED workshop

  • Are you curious to know more about the benefits of social capital, happiness at work and employee engagement and what it could do for your business?
  • Are you looking for clarity or direction on an engagement programme you?ve already started?
  • Would you and your project team like to test out our approach?

During this session we will explain the latest thinking on social capital and employee engagement, and review your current initiatives. You?ll be able to test what a bespoke employee engagement programme could look like and how it could work with your team. Finally, we will offer a range of ways in which you can create social capital, the first step to increasing employee engagement.

Duration: 3 hours or more 
Location:  Any

Dramatically enhance team performance with our bespoke GET GOING coaching programmes

  • Do you have a business objective to improve employee engagement?
  • Is your team disengaged, underperforming and overwhelmed?
  • Are you looking to create an environment in which your talented team members can do great work?
  • Do you need to turn the tide of excessive sick days and high staff turnover in favour of retaining talent and providing better customer service?
  • Are you genuinely interested in the health and wellbeing of your employees and do you understand that helping them to take care of themselves is good for your business?
  • Would you like to offer a health and wellness programme to employees as an optional extra at lunchtime or outside core working hours?

We have created a highly flexible three-phase approach to transforming teams, creating social capital and increasing employee engagement.

Teams underperform because individuals or leaders cannot or do not work together; because individuals are stressed or disengaged; and because team culture is not conducive to engagement or productivity. We transform teams by fostering the bonds between individuals and leaders required for them to work together effectively; by inspiring individuals to be resilient and practice self-leadership; and by helping teams to create a constructive culture.

The knowledge and experience we have gained on this topic allow us to be highly responsive; adapting topics and content as and when needed. Where you start depends on your team and where you are as a leader.  Each team will take their own path to the end goal, depending on events and challenges.  During this programme we move teams towards engagement. Individuals will initially become more engaged in their own lives, next they will build a better understanding of themselves and others and finally they will be able to be more engaged in business goals.

Duration: Regular sessions of up to three hours a month
Location:  At your office or off-site location, indoors or outdoors

Are you looking for an ice-breaker to start your conference or team away day?

 Energise participants with our Quick Connections activity and get your event off to a flying start. Call us on 020 3667 1502 to discuss any of our workshops or programmes.