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?Isobel helped our team better understand each other's communication preferences so that interactions and cross-team collaborations could happen more smoothly. Her flexibility has been invaluable in designing a programme that catered exactly to our needs.? 

Francesca Pollo
Co-Founder at Vastari Group

"Being outside for this session was great, I am not someone who just opens up with someone I do not know as well, but the relaxed nature of it made it very easy to share.  Isobel is an amazing facilitator in this, asking those probing questions that make you think, but in a manner that is really relaxed and enjoyable.  As a result I plenty to think about and actions to take, the whole session gave me space to think more deeply about my goals and I enjoyed getting feedback and ideas from others. The end result was I changed a number of things that had really positive knock-on effects in my life and it has continued to have a significant influence on my goals, outlook and productivity.  I highly recommend Isobel.  Thanks! "

Anna Barrington
Channel Digital

?A couple of years ago I was fortunate and attended a walking group led by Isobel where we focussed on goal setting both personal and professional. As well as being a hugely enjoyable way to spend two hours, this was such a useful way of working.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year and I found myself with no business as my key supplier had announced their intention to  awithdraw from the UK and Europe. As I began processing this I went straight back to the notebook I had begun on that first walk with Isobel. An hour spent working through the headings we had used and applying what I have learnt since and I had a plan. Being able to look forward, create a plan and take action means that my new business venture is already up and running. Thank you!?

Ghislaine Walker
Independent stylist, Stella & Dot

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