Build a team culture where your talented team members can do great work.

Our goal is to ignite connection, foster understanding and help companies build a team culture where your talented team members can do great work.

Trust, connection & Social Capital:

We believe that whether your goal is to bring out the best in your team or to resolve teamwork problems, the solution lies in the same place. Good teamwork relies on the members of a team being able to work together, having a constructive relationship with leadership and feeling valued. We start therefore by creating the foundation of trust, connection and understanding, called social capital.

Change can only occur if team members are willing to listen and are open to change. When we are under threat, be it real or perceived, it has a catastrophic effect on our capacity for creative thinking. Under stress, non-essential areas of our brain are shut down, to allow us to focus on survival. There is no sabre-toothed tiger, but our primitive brain does not know that. By removing this sense of threat and building trust and connection, team members are more open to change and more willing to improve skills such as communication.

Supporting Team Members & Personal Leadership

Whether the goal is to optimize or to improve teamwork, it is essential to consider the individual. Improvements cannot be made without supporting individuals and helping them to support themselves, referred to as self-leadership. Although some statistics indicate otherwise, there is a general sense that we live in an increasingly uncertain and challenging world. To imagine that team members leave their personal issues and concerns at the door each morning is na?ve. 

Our aim is to give team members tools for dealing more constructively with these uncertainties, in order to reduce their impact on an individual?s productivity. As a result of this work, individuals are more focussed, motivated, resilient and ?race ready?.

Allocating time to self-leadership activities, sends a clear message that the individual is valued by the organisation, reduces burnout and stress related illness.

Creating a Positive Culture & Employee Engagement

There is overwhelming evidence that employee engagement, is good for both the individual and for the business. Employee engagement is an important goal but it cannot be imposed upon individuals. The secret is to create an atmosphere in which engagement can thrive.

We believe that achieving employee engagement is a three step process. We start by creating connection, understanding and trust; we encourage individuals to get more engaged in their own lives which enables them to get engaged in their work and finally we encourage the team to consider what is required to work effectively as a team, investigating shared values and business goals. Through various activities, we get the values and the mission statements off the walls and into the fabric of team culture. 

I am Isobel Colson, the Get Going Coach. Having lead training programmes in the corporate world since 1993, I am now energising SME teams with my Get Going Coaching programme; creating connected, motivated and engaged teams.  

As a manager, trainer and more recently as a coach, I?ve seen people issues affect productivity; even when there?s a huge amount of goodwill between employers and employees.  My search for a way of creating a more motivating environment lead me to employee engagement and happiness at work.

Since 2016 I?ve specialised in working with SMEs in the tech sector who truly value their employees, are looking to improve employee engagement and build high-performing teams. I use a coaching approach which empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own choices. Sessions are run regularly to ensure that individuals develop new skills and progress is made. Whenever possible, I run sessions outside, as walking is good for both creativity and problem-solving.

If you?d like to discuss how we can work together to resolve teamwork issues, bring out the best in your team or move towards employee engagement, please call me on 07733412508 or email [email protected].  I also welcome invitations to speak at events in the tech, HR and training industries.  

I am Russ Ayres, coach and trainer. Following a 16-year career in software development, support and training, I discovered my passion was moving toward human psychology, communication and interpersonal dynamics.

After re-training between 2002 and 2004, qualifying as a master practitioner, coach and certified trainer of NLP, and a clinical hypnotherapist, I have enjoyed working with senior leaders and teams in major corporations, as well as managers and business owners in the SME sector.

Success in business is only possible when individuals can collaborate effectively in teams. The Get Going Coaching methodology is a powerful and effective way to build and align understanding, trust, vision, and co-operation, resulting in strong cohesion and powerful results for the organisation.

Russ Ayres

We believe that most people have the potential to be happier and more productive at work; it?s good for the individual and it is good for the business. We are committed to energising SMEs with our Get Going Coaching programmes. If you value your employees, are working towards employee engagement or are aiming to build a high-performing team, let?s talk.